Públicada em: Friday, September 15, 2023

With over 25 years of experience, Martinelli Advogados is inaugurating its new, dedicated branch in Sinop, with the aim of providing consultative support in all areas of Law. The firm will place special emphasis on tax and corporate matters, catering to businesses and agricultural producers throughout the region. Martinelli Advogados chose Sinop for its central location within the state, which facilitates and enhances rapid and effective service to all clients in Mato Grosso. The new branch reflects the firm’s growth, which has been keeping pace with the increasing demand from its clients.

Mato Grosso is one of the fastest-growing states in Brazil, driven by grain production. As a result, the state is increasingly seeking professionalization, marked by the arrival of major market players. “Thanks to the dedication and courage of the producers, the state has not only grown significantly in agricultural production but has also developed in infrastructure. Now, with the new generation, challenges arise to sustain this growth”, notes Denilson Utpadel, the national head of the firm and one of the individuals responsible for the new branch.

One issue that has captured the attention of business owners is the Tax Reform, which, in this initial phase, will focus on consumption taxes. The trend suggests that a reform related to income tax will soon follow. At that time, key aspects of taxes similar to the U.S. Estate Tax – specifically, Brazil’s tax on the transfer of assets upon death, known as ITCMD – are also expected to be modified.

These changes will have implications for inheritances, family succession, and wealth management. Therefore, due to the highly complex nature of these issues, Martinelli Advogados aims to assist businesses and producers in the state with these new challenges,” notes Luiz Rodrigo Cappellin, an attorney who is also responsible for the new branch.


    Martinelli Advogados has a new branch in Mato Grosso

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