Martinelli Advogados is a full-service law firm considered amongst largest and renowned Brazilian law firms. It has a strong presence in Brazil, with fully-owned offices in several locations across the country. Since its foundation, 26 years ago, the firm has expanded throughout the most important Brazilian cities, offering local presence and a multidisciplinary team in a distinguished personal relationship with the clients. As a result, he firm has been constantly listed among the most admired law firms in Brazil.

Our main values are (i) the proximity to our more than 5.000 clients in a wide variety of business sectors, with focus on the solution of their problems, (ii) the commitment to our people, in constant training, development and evolution, and (iii) the loyalty to make things happen with efficiency, excellence, speed and compliance. These values compose what we call the “Martinelli’s style”, the way of being for a differentiated Law Firm, what made us grow and reach the reputation we have today. Our daily purpose is to surpass our clients’ expectations. We want to be business partners for longer to our clients, since intelligent and innovative solutions enable us both to grow together. Throughout our history, all our achievements have been firmly rooted in our clients’ trust. What especially binds us to our clients, different from other firms, is a close, personal and permanent relationship with the client. The client’s satisfaction is our main commitment.

As part of an ongoing expansion to be closer to our clients, we have fully-owned offices in the main Brazilian capitals, such as São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Porto Alegre, Curitiba, Brasilia and Florianópolis, but also in middle and important cities such as Joinville, Maringá, Cascavel, Caxias do Sul, Passo Fundo, Campinas, Ribeirão Preto, Criciúma, Chapecó, Cascavel and Passo Fundo, what allow us to be constantly in proximity to our clients.

Our multidisciplinary team of more than 1000 professionals includes lawyers, advisors, consultants, interns and paralegals assures the client high quality legal and advisory services which, in addition to a customized support provided in deep understanding of our client’s objectives, produces great satisfaction. Our commitment is not only to achieve results, but also to surpass expectations, always seeking the firm’s main objectives: service excellence and the client’s satisfaction. We use our best efforts to search and qualify talents and keep always in continuous technical and professional training as well as in leadership development to achieve these results.

The firm has also global reach, being part of an international network of independent firms and also having best friend alliances with worldwide local and global law and advisory firms, advising domestic and foreign clients in Brazil and also giving support to Brazilian companies in foreign countries. Our main areas of practice are tax, tax litigation, corporate, M&A and capital markets, commercial contracts, litigation and dispute resolution, international tax, customs, immigration and expatriation, labor and employment, environmental and regulatory, pension funds, agribusiness and cooperatives, compliance and criminal law. We are focused in industries in a range of sectors including automotive and metallurgy, food and beverage, agribusiness and cooperatives, retail and consumption, timber, cellulose and paper, chemical and petrochemical, textile, transport and logistics, oil, energy and gas, construction and services. We also provide assistance to the technological and innovation sector, including venture capital, startups and players in the digital economy.

Martinelli also has a strong commitment to citizenship actions through our Pro Bono activities and through Martinelli Solidarity Institute, our social arm that completed 10 years of foundation helping more than 36 charity entities and assisting them to receive millions of dollars in donations.

Martinelli Advogados has a team of partners who manage the firm’s practice sharing their multidisciplinary and consulting view in assisting the client.

Our firm has a staff of more than 1000 professionals including lawyers, consultants, interns, and paralegals, distributed through our several offices.

Member of GGI Global Alliance
Multidisciplinary team with national coverage

Excellence is one of the foundations of our work. Our technical team is composed of more than 700 collaborators, who participate in ongoing trainings and specializations to provide the expertise required to meet increasingly complex issues, aligned with current demands.

To fully meet the client’s needs, we are consolidated as a full-service law firm, i.e., we have professionals of all business law and consulting areas. This feature allows us to settle issues in all their complexity levels, with stringent ethical and quality standards.

We are members of the GGI Global Alliance, a global network with more than 870 offices and present in 126 countries, which assures us a global reach with local excellence.

The recognition of our solid history puts us among the most admired law firms in Brazil in accordance with 1,000 officers of the main companies in the country. According to Anuário Análise, we have been among the largest and most admired law firms in Brazil for more than a decade. Since 2012, we have been indicated by the largest legal publication in the work, the English Chambers and Partners, as a reference in business law in Brazil.

It is a part of our DNA to always to aspire to more, to reach further goals: we value work, loyalty, and excellence. That is what we call the “Martinelli style” of being a differentiated firm, with complete solutions and solid values and “enthusiasm” for our clients.


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