Due Diligence and Compliance

Due Diligence and Compliance

Ethics and corporate integrity are gaining an ever-increasing importance in the business area. Thus, preventive law measures are an effective tool to avoid risks inside companies. Among the most prominent processes are the legal due diligence and the adherence to compliance policies. The practice within this scope consists in gathering several law areas to perform joint consulting work.

Martinelli Advogados is a full-service law firm with more than 20 years of experience and has qualified professionals to engage in due diligence and compliance issues in environmental, tax, corporate, and contractual areas, among others

  • Legal due diligence
    Due diligence is a tool used to obtain a detailed assessment of a company’s status. It consists of an audit process to find risks and opportunities in a business. After a study of processes, balance sheets, and contracts, for example, it is possible to establish a diagnostic on the legal and financial health of a company.
    The result of a due diligence may be further used, for example, as a proof of quality for participation in bidding processes. It is also broadly used in merger and acquisition transactions, both by the buyer and by the seller. The prior diligence makes it possible to reach a calculation basis for the purchase or sale value of a business.
  • Compliance policies and internal investigations
    Upon a company diagnosis, in case any irregularity is detected, Martinelli Advogados work on the implementation of compliance policies. Such preventive work is an efficient way of minimizing possible damages to the company and its legal representatives. In addition to a series of good practices, the measures implemented by the firm include in-company trainings, crisis management, and starting internal investigations and inquiries.
  • Business criminal law
    As per the new anticorruption laws, executives may be held judicially liable for irregularities committed by a company. Martinelli Advogados engages in the criminal defense of such persons aiming at minimizing legal damages.
Due Diligence and Compliance – Martinelli Advogados

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