Environmental Law

Environmental issues gain more attention by both the authorities and the public every day. Therefore, in todays’ market, it is indispensable for all companies to pay attention to their impact on the environment. The task of environmental lawyers is to enable corporations to develop themselves in a clean and sustainable way.

Martinelli Advogados has more than 20 years of experience in the environmental field, providing legal assistance to clients of several areas, such as agribusiness, industries of paper and cellulose, energy, petrochemicals, civil construction, infrastructure, among others. Our environmental law center is constantly updated, seeking differentiated strategies to assist clients on environmental standards.

The following are among the main services we offer:

  • Compliance
    Preventive work to minimize risks involving socio-environmental liability by the companies. The firm further provides consulting on environmental legislation, with the purpose of finding together with the client the best strategy for large operations and for operations arising environmental liabilities.
  • Litigations
    Defense of companies in judicial proceedings involving environmental matters. Our expertise acquired over time has resulted in the accumulation of knowledge regarding court precedents in complex cases. Martinelli further engages in negotiations with environmental organizations and government bodies to settle conflicts.
  • Forestry Investments
    Martinelli Advogados provides legal assistance to companies working with timber harvesting and other inputs in order to structure their our reserves. The work takes place together with other law areas, finding a suitable corporate structure and searching for advantageous tax incentives for the company.
Environmental Law | Martinelli Advogados

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