Textile, Leather, and Clothing Industries

Textile, Leather, and Clothing Industries

On daily basis, industries of the textile and clothing sectors face variables that make their operation a challenge, such as the variation in raw materials’ cost because of exchange-rate fluctuations, competition from Asian markets, and increasing sustainability demands. Thus, partnership with a law firm with knowledge in the sectors’ needs may bring a host of benefits. Martinelli Advogados has more than 20 years of experience with clients of international reference in the textile, leather, and clothing industries.

Our firm is particularly strong in the provision of legal and consulting advice regarding the improvement of employment relations in accordance with the labor reform standards, aiming at the promotion of greater competition in relation to international companies. Productivity increase is another key element for industries and may be obtained through investments in technology and innovation. Thus, Martinelli Advogados has a team specialized in raising funds for research and development. Our practice further encompasses environmental, tax, and corporate issues, as well as other possible demands of our clients.

Textile, Leather, and Clothing Industries – Martinelli Advogados

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