Timber, Cellulose, and Paper Industries

Timber, Cellulose, and Paper Industries

The industrial sector of timber, paper, and cellulose consolidated itself in Brazil in the 1990s, and turned the country into a major exporter of such commodities to the world. One of the main challenges faced by this type of industries is strong competition, which makes of the reduction of operating costs crucial for such business. Thus, having specialized legal and consulting support may result in many benefits to these companies.

Martinelli Advogados has more than 20 years of experience in business law practice, and a team that knows the needs of this field. The firm may provide preventive legal assistance to industries with environmental legislation issues or find further solutions to enable business facing risks related to the environment. Martinelli also assists companies structuring their own timber reserves and other inputs. The practice encompasses several areas of law, always seeking to be close to our clients in order to understand theirs needs and find advantageous solutions.

Timber, Cellulose, and Paper Industries – Martinelli Advogados

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