Automotive and Metallurgy Industries

Automotive and Metallurgy Industries

Industries that engage in the automotive and metallurgy sectors daily face a series of obstacles to their operation in the market, such as complex legal environments, high tax burdens, strict environmental legislation, and bureaucratic obstacles to foreign trade operations. Therefore, it is important for corporations in this sector to have specialized legal and consulting support to ensure the success of their operations and to maximize their profits. Martinelli Advogados has more than 20 of experience in business law practice, having partnerships with several international clients in the automotive and metallurgy industries.

Employment matters concerning consulting services or litigations rank amongst the most significant legal concerns of such companies, which are engaged in an industrial environment with large numbers of employees. The firm can further assist multinational companies that desire to implement new units in Brazil and abroad, providing a multidisciplinary analysis to indicate the proper place of choice. Martinelli’s team has expertise in tax law and seeks to obtain tax incentives and differentiated tax regimes, always aiming at our clients’ success.

Automotive and Metallurgy Industries – Martinelli Advogados

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