Tertiary Sector, Pro Bono, and Social Investment

Tertiary Sector, Pro Bono, and Social Investment

The tertiary sector is composed of non-profit foundations, organizations, or institutions. This area of practice is specialized in social services and philanthropy and have been gaining in importance in Brazil over the years. Martinelli has lawyers specialized in advisory to tertiary sector companies, both in creating new entities and in providing legal assistance to existing organizations.

In addition to assisting charitable organizations, the firm provides support to companies that wish to make social investments with efficient funds transfer. Investments in other institutions may be interesting due to the tax incentives offered by the government.

Martinelli also maintains a non-profit entity called Instituto Martinelli Solidariedade, which undertakes several pro bono actions as a contribution to social equality. Instituto Martinelli further engages with partner companies that wish to contribute to charitable causes and thereby benefit the rest of society.

Tertiary Sector, Pro Bono, and Social Investment – Martinelli Advogados

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