Corporate Law

The role of specialists in corporate law is to provide legal assistance in the organization of structures of corporate governance, which is crucial for a company’s development. Each company needs a specific corporate structure according to its market and its needs.

In publicly held companies, major transactions require strategic support to minimize impact on the financial market. In corporations or limited-liability companies, the corporate lawyer provides legal assistance and support in finding the most advantageous solution for the company.

Martinelli Advogados also has professionals with the required discretion to conduct relationships with partners and to interface with family
businesses, working to prevent conflicts that hinder the company’s development. Where necessary, such professionals provide further support in corporate dissolution proceedings.

Among the main offered services are:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
    Team with extensive knowledge on M&A transactions in companies of all sizes. The firm is qualified to take an active role in negotiations, including where a party is located abroad. The proceeding may include more intensive measures, such as the performance of due diligence or valuation.
  • Corporate Restructuring
    The firm’s practice encompasses the assessment of the client’s shareholding structure in order to identify potentially beneficial changes to its structure. In certain situations, several companies of a single group may be consolidated into one for the acquisition of operational and tax advantages.
  • Property Management, Family and Successions
    With a practice specialized in avoiding conflicts and facilitating succession in companies in a preventive manner, property and succession management minimizes the risk of control dispersion and management problems. Succession planning may involve a corporate restructuring, creation of boards, and implementation of corporate governance practices.
  • Corporate Governance
    Provision of legal assistance in the implementation of corporate governance practices in a company. The method aims at improving internal administrative processes, promoting greater autonomy to designated sectors, and assisting in the company’s growth. Good governance practices further increase the trust of investors, shareholders, and collaborators in the corporate environment.
  • Corporate Litigation
    The firm engages in the defense of its clients’ interests in judicial disputes involving the company management, both in succession and inheritance cases and in corporate dissolutions. The team is further qualified to engage in corporate arbitrations in case of companies with internal conflicts.
  • Economic and Competition Law
    Practice specialized in help companies to avoid engaging in practices that may harm free competition. The team defends against accusations of abuse of economic power and formation of cartel. The firm engages in the representation of clients before the Brazilian Antitrust Authority (Cade).
  • Capital Markets
    Provision of legal advisory to publicly held companies in their relationship with capital markets. Martinelli Advogados may intervene in major transactions of companies to minimize their impacts on investors, stock exchanges, and other capital markets.
Corporate Law – Martinelli Advogados

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