The high tax burden is one of the main problems obstructing the growth of companies in Brazil and understanding and structuring a tax planning is an activity that takes time and effort by such companies. For this reason, Martinelli Advogados’ tax lawyers work in strategic planning to optimize the tax liability stemming from transactions carried out by our clients.

Martinelli Advogados is a full-service law firm with more than 20 years of history in the field of business, having a wide experience in the area of taxes levied on companies. The firm has reference professionals in the field of tax legislation, who are constantly updated and qualified to act in accordance with new laws as of their publication date.

The following are among the offered services:

  • Administrative Tax Litigation
    Engaging in administrative defenses in several types of tax processes. Such defenses are provided in the federal, state, and municipal contexts, taking place before bodies like the Brazilian Administrative Council of Tax Appeals (CARF), Brazilian Federal Internal Revenue, and the Brazilian Office of the General Counsel for the Federal Treasury. The administrative litigations center provides follow-up and support throughout the process phases.
  • Judicial Tax Litigation
    Professionals at Martinelli Advogados engage in the representation of clients in judicial proceedings within the tax scope. The experience acquired through its 20 years of experience allows the firm a wide knowledge in tax cases of several economy sectors. Furthermore, we conduct the preparatory work of guiding clients on their conduct before the courts.
  • Superior Courts
    Specialized lawyers engaging in proceedings before superior courts, such as the Superior Labor Court (TST), Federal Supreme Court (STF), Superior Electoral Court (TSE), and Superior Court of Justice (STJ). Crucially, the firm has a unit in Brasília, which allows the direct representation before relevant judicial bodies.
  • Tax Assessment
    Assessment of the company’s operation and documentation aiming at finding opportunities for tax optimization. Tax assessment is an in-depth study to identify which taxes were unduly paid and which ones were not paid, avoiding compliance risks to the client.
  • Tax Review and Planning
    The review and planning of tax payment is supplementary work in relation to tax assessment, encompassing the structuring of intelligent plans for the payment of taxes, assessment of credits and liabilities, and tax optimization, with further consideration of corporate, contractual, and financial matters.
  • State and Federal Taxes
    Specialized consultation on state and federal taxes levied on the company’s operation. Upon understanding the needs and identifying opportunities for the client, tax lawyers identify strategies to maximize results.
  • Direct and Indirect Taxes
    Tax study to identify taxes indirectly paid by the client considering the standards applicable to its field. Upon the verification of any irregularity in the payment of taxes, Martinelli Advogados takes measures to assure the direct and indirect taxes refund to their clients.
  • Differentiated Tax Treatments
    Companies that operate in certain sectors may receive tax incentives through differentiated tax treatments. The firm engages with the government to enable a tax regime that meets the needs of each client.
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