International Law

The globalization phenomenon brought up several advantages for companies to explore multinational business, such as opening units in different territories or engaging in imports and exports. Knowing about the peculiarities of each country’s laws, specialists in international law at Martinelli Advogados provide legal support to clients of several economic sectors.

Among the specific key elements of the “Martinelli style” is a relationship with our clients that goes beyond their purely legal concerns. The international center works closely with needs of each case and may assist their partners on aspects such as legal processing for moving to another country and assistance in the allocation and adaptation abroad.

The international law team is further specialized in feasibility studies and assessments for the implementation of multinational corporations, planning of transactions involving transfer pricing, and provision of legal assistance in cross-border transactions, aiming at finding the most advantageous strategy for the client.

  • International Transactions and Contracts
    The firm has expertise in the assessment and structuring of international transactions in more than one country, as well as in advisory in transactions involving capital inflows in Brazil. The team further engages in drafting international contracts and supports negotiations involving processes for the creation of joint ventures and international franchises.
  • Foreign Capital and Investments Abroad
    Assistance to Brazilian companies foreign expansion throughout the project stages, as well as to foreign companies in their expansion in Brazil. Advising regard foreign investments, both in brownfield and in greenfield projects. Martinelli further develops comparative law studies involving one or more countries and identifying the best opportunities for each sector.
  • Foreign Trade, Commercial Defense, and Customs Law
    The practice within the scope of customs law aims at improving import and export processes with a customs planning and advice on special customs regimes. Another important aspect is compliance involving foreign trade, with contracts’ review, other preventive works, and logistics’ certification through AEO. The firm further engages in the commercial defense of companies against dumping and safeguard measures, or in administrative and judicial defense before international courts.
International Law – Martinelli Advogados

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