Agribusiness and Cooperatives Law

Agribusiness and Cooperatives Law

Agribusiness is among the main fields of the Brazilian economy, representing almost a quarter of the country’s GDP. Amidst tax wars and unfavorable employments laws in relation to the rural sector, the partnership between rural companies and agribusiness law professionals is increasingly necessary and positive.

Martinelli Advogados recognizes the importance of this area of knowledge, having lawyers specialized in the peculiarities of agribusiness and cooperatives. Yet, this is still insufficient; the lawyer must understand the rural realities and be ready and able to support the rural producer.
There are countless obstacles to the agribusiness’ development, such as logistical difficulties, investment credit, and bureaucracy. Martinelli’s team engages in finding innovative solutions to improve business profitability and, additionally, our firm offers support in relationships with trade companies and assists in the negotiation of export contracts, with particular expertise in international law.

Cooperatives are a type of organization that brings great benefits to agribusiness. Our practice encompasses representation of the interests of cooperatives and associations before institutions such as federal courts, the Prosecution Office, regulatory entities, and other government bodies. Since we are part of the global lawyers’ network JHI, Martinelli is able to provide our clients with arbitration services in international trade organizations.

Agribusiness and Cooperatives Law – Martinelli Advogados

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