Labor and Social Security Law

Labor and Social Security Law

In an economic scenario where competition constantly grows, optimizing the management of employees is a key aspect for the financial health of a business. Labor lawyers’ practice has gained a new meaning with labor reforms. The changes in the law lead to a modernization of employment relations and opportunities for companies, using outsourced services or extrajudicial agreements.

Thus, extensive technical knowledge is required to overcome the challenge of conforming to the new standards established by law. Martinelli Advogados has a team of specialists in labor law for companies, with all the required know-how to act in a preventive manner, minimizing risks, or in litigations, reducing damages in employment claims.

The team is constantly updating its knowledge, being ready to act in compliance with a law as soon as it is published. It further engages with internal legal departments of companies, with the typical closeness and attention of the “Martinelli style”

Among the main provided services are:

  • Occupational Accidents and Diseases
    Guidance to companies on claims arising from accidents in the workplace or diseases for which the company is judicially liable. The team’s practice is focused on minimizing damages before the Ministry of Labor, and on preventive actions within the corporate environment.
  • Labor and Social Security Litigations
    Martinelli has professionals experienced in the defense of companies in labor judicial matters, be it actions for damages, notices of infringement, or notifications. The expertise accumulated over the firm’s 20 years of existence enables deep knowledge of the court precedents of labor and social security claims. Thus, all of the team’s actions are based on the most appropriate strategies for each situation.
  • Unions
    Engagement of specialists in the relationship of companies with unions of their respective categories. For example, Martinelli provides legal assistance in negotiations between employers’ associations and unions to define values in collective wage bargaining. It further engages in drafting collective labor agreements.
  • Labor Compliance and Compensation
    The firm engages in a preventive consulting practice of providing guidance and delivering in-company training to human resources departments on subjects such as labor and social security legislation, security standards, and occupational health. Additionally, it provides assistance in the compensation of executives with dividends of several types of companies, assuring a compensation plan that complies with the law.
Labor and Social Security Law – Martinelli Advogados

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